Reddit: Language Buddy Matchmaker

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Reddit: Language Buddy Matchmaker

This past week we ran an event on Reddit, specifically the subreddit r/language_exchange, to match language-learning Redditors from all over the world with a unique language buddy. The event, ‘Language Buddy Matchmaker’, received sign-ups from almost 300 participants and we at Panini successfully matched the first 100 Redditors with a language buddy according to the language they were learning and teaching.  The post we put up on Reddit was the hottest post on the sub for that day with more than 110 upvotes and we were able to send out everyone’s individual language buddy match in time for the launching of the Panini app!    

Reddit Language Buddy Matchmaker

Here’s a link to the post:

We want to thank all of the Redditors who participated in this event and are more than happy to have some of them join us as users of the Panini Language Exchange App.  We always take pride and satisfaction in being active in grassroots communities on the internet and have always gotten amazing, meaningful reactions and inputs from Reddit in the past. We hope that the Reddit community continues to support our activities as our journey progresses and we look forward to offering more exclusive services and events to Redditors in the future! Happy Redditing everyone!

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