Fun Korean Slang! ft. Peter Bint

Fun Korean Slang! ft. Peter Bint

How do you say something is “fun” in Korean? 🥳. How about some fun Korean slang? Our content creator Peter @peter_b83 switches it up and teaches you guys a commonly used Korean phrase 🇰🇷 this time.  This is also our first post on Korean language content on the Panini App blog page. 

There are many people around the world learning Korean and sometimes they just want to learn some natural and fun Korean slang to use during casual conversation.  There are many phrases in Korean slang that you would never imagine unless you heard it from a local or native. You can expect more Korean language content like this from Peter in the future asides from his American vs. British English segment.  Don’t forget, Peter can also speak Korean! 

Also, if you haven’t seen Peter’s ‘American vs. British English’ video segments, head to this link to check them out!


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