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Backdrop on the Situation

#STOPASIANHATE. As some of you may already know, there is currently a movement in the United States surrounding hate crimes targeted towards Asian Americans. On social media, people have been rallying through the hashtag, #STOPASIANHATE.  If you didn’t know, here is a brief backdrop on the current situation.  Over the past year, there have been almost 3,800 reported hate crimes against Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders throughout the United States.  That is a 150% increase from the previous year and in certain cities such as New York City, hate crimes against Asians have risen 833%. 

One of the main catalysts of this occurrence has been the Covid-19 pandemic and the fact that it originated in China. Some of these hate crimes against Asian Americans have been violent and even fatal.  From the murders of elderly citizens, stabbings on the streets, to what happened in Atlanta, Georgia this week.  This incident may have been the most fatal event in the whole on-going situation so far.  A 21-year old Caucasian male visited three separate massage parlors in a shooting spree killing eight people. Six of those people were Asian-American women and four of them were Korean.

What We Have To Say

As Asians and Asian-Americans working at Panini, we want to say something about what is happening right now. This situation is a tragedy and overall a very dark and negative series of events. However, we want to remain hopeful and positive for the change that is to come in the future.  Asians and Asian-Americans have always dealt with racism and targeted prejudice throughout modern history. In fact, this problem is not specific to just the United States.  It is a global problem that has always been looming in the shadows. It has always been there. 

Now, there is light being shed on the problem which is activating people to take real initiative. Real initiative to find real solutions. Even if it’s just a hashtag movement, it is shedding light on the issue for those who were not aware of this. What’s more, it is causing many Asians, regardless of nationality, to come together as a community and partake in action with comradery. It is initiating a catalyst for Asians overseas to throw away, and shed from the times of being told by previous generations of Asians to remain quiet, inactive, and to mind one’s own business. This passive cultural sentiment has always been bound to be thrown away by newer and younger generations of Asians. The times, they are changing…and hopefully this time the change will make a meaningful impact.

What You Can Do

If you happen to witness an incident of hate crime against not only Asians but any group of people in particular, be sure to call it out or report it. If you are not in a position to take action, at least speak out about what is happening and voice your opinion. Be hopeful and stay positive about the future outcome of this situation, just as we are at Panini.  Thanks everyone!

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