More Fun Korean Slang!

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More Fun Korean Slang!

Peter Bint is back with more fun Korean slang for you guys!  In this segment, Peter teaches you how to say “It’s easy peasy” or “It’s a piece of cake” in Korean. The direct translation of Korean slang can be a little confusing sometimes which is why Peter explains the logic behind some of these phrases. Although, in this case the Korean slang is not too out of context 🙂

If you ever find yourself in conversation with a Korean or you just want to impress your Korean friends, try out this fun Korean slang sometime! Korean, if you really enjoy learning and speaking it, it’s gum!

If you haven’t seen Peter’s other videos on Korean slang or his previous segments on American vs. British English, be sure to check them out!  Links are below.  Stay tuned for more Korean language content from Peter soon.  Cheers everyone!

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