5 Cute International-Korean YouTube Couples

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5 Cute International-Korean YouTube Couples

Getting a look inside other people’s relationships is always fascinating. We love to live vicariously through the life and love of others. Recently this has become very common through the help of YouTube. It’s no secret that the internet is obsessed with couples. And YouTube has brought in so many different kinds of couples—power couples, prank couples, LGBT couples, and the most popular these days, international couples.

Out of the many international couples breaking the cultural barrier, international-Korean couples seem to be gaining the most momentum. With the worldwide popularity of K-dramas and K-pop(especially BTS), having a Korean boyfriend has become a kind of trend. It seems like there are girls from every part of the world and culture dream of having a #KoreanBoyfriend.
Here we will present to you the top 5 International Korean couples YouTubers of our choice. Check out these five cute couple YouTubers that make adorable #RelationshipGoals content.

1. Jin and Hattie

5 International-Korean Youtube Couples

Youtube channel: Jin and Hattie

At first glance you would not expect much from this young couple. Hattie is an English teacher from the UK with her Korean boyfriend. But this popular couple will captivate you with charisma and fun content combined with the exact right amount of humor. They bring us into their lives by through their reactions of each other—whether it is by making each other jealous in a cute way or doing a language challenge.

2. June of Dasha

5 International-Korean Youtube Couples

Youtube channel: June of Dasha

The definition of this couple is the is quite literally “cuteness”. The young Russian girl with her Korean boyfriend present their daily lives in a magical way. Their relationship is one of a kind, the love between them is crystal clear. June and Dasha are a photogenic couple with an abundance of romance like you can find in fairy tales, especially with their exercise videos or Tik Toks.

3. Jin and Juice

5 International-Korean Youtube Couples

Youtube channel: Jin and Juice

With yet another Jin, Jin and Juice are a unique couple that will warm your heart with their wonderful way of showing that happiness is within reach if you just make an effort to fulfill it. The American girl and her Korean boyfriend are young but they are already parents to two babies. Their kids always make an appearance in their videos naturally, even with funny pranks videos or witty story telling.

4. Mozzarella girl and Oppa

5 International-Korean Youtube Couples

Youtube channel: Mozzarella girl and Oppa

Who doesn’t like cheese? After watching this couple, even cheese haters will change stance. The Italian girl and her Korean boyfriend may not be among the most subscribed couples on YouTube, but their pure relationship is totally worth watching. Every language learner can empathize with their struggles with learning each other’s languages. By the way, they just got married recently. Let’s wish them a happily ever after. 

5. Pani and Tae

5 International-Korean Youtube Couples

Youtube channel: Pani and Tae

Pani and Tae are a very unique couple. While most YouTube couples are in their twenties, Pani and Tae have actually been married for some time now with two children, and the third on its way. Their content is done in three languages—Engish and Japanese because Pani is Japanese American, and Korean because Tae is Korean. Pani and Tae aren’t shy to show both the highs and lows of their life, and we the audience go through their difficult moments and all their authenticity.

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