“It’s Not My Cup of Tea” in Different Languages

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“It’s Not My Cup of Tea” in Different Languages

How do you say “It’s not my cup of tea” in different languages?  In American English, if something is not really “your thing” we say “it doesn’t float my boat” or just simply, “it’s not my thing”.  In the UK they say the more commonly known phrase, “it’s not my cup of tea”.  

But, have you ever wondered how this idiom translates into different languages?  You’d be quite surprised and intrigued by some of the word choices that are used!  In this post, we show you how to say the equivalent of “it’s not my cup of tea” in different languages.

1. Chinese

Idiom: 不是我的菜 (Bùshì wǒ de cài)

Literal Translation: This is not my dish


2. German

Idiom: Das ist nicht mein bier

Literal Translation: That is not my beer


3. Italian

Idiom: Non è roba per me

Literal TranslationNot clothes for me


4. Portuguese

Idiom: Não é minha praia

Literal Translation: It’s not my beach


5. Spanish

Idiom: No es santo de mi devoción

Literal Translation: He is not a saint of my devotion


Now that you have learned this idiom in different languages, it’s time to put them to use!  Whether you find something distasteful or you’ve come upon the wrong beach, you can express your thoughts through this phrase. Regardless of what language, the meaning will be “it’s not your cup of tea” in English terms. 

All kidding aside, we hope that this article WAS your cup of tea and that it proves to be helpful in your future encounters in practicing different languages!  Stay tuned for more interesting content on idioms used in different languages around the world.

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