Top 5 Korea Expat Influencers You Should be Watching Now

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Top 5 Korea Expat Influencers You Should be Watching Now

Do you love Korea? Learning Korean? Ever wanted to live there or work there? When you dream on visiting a certain place, it’s natural for you to be interested in it to the smallest details. Nowadays Korea is a popular travel destination thanks to K-pop and K-dramas. But living in Korea is totally different from traveling there for holiday.

If you’re like any other Koreaboo out there who dreams of living in Korea, or if you’re just someone interested in studying or working there, you might want to check out these expat channels. From tips about living in Korea to personal stories, they will provide you with lots of useful and interesting information about life in Korea as an expat.

1. cari cakes

Youtube channel: cari cakes

Content: Traveling in Korea, Vlogs

Cari cakes has a very neat and watch-friendly channel. She shares with her viewers the beautiful places in and out of Seoul in her travels. Cari also combines some unique and interesting content about clothes thrifting in Seoul, and book recommendations for the books lovers. You can also find some useful tips on how to do different things in Korea from A-Z.

2. The World of Dave데이브

Youtube channel: The World of Dave데이브

Content: Korean language, Food, History, Cultural differences

You will find Dave’s channel very fun and entertaining. As a foreigner with impeccable Korean skills, Dave has a whole new level of explaining the differences of culture and language between Korea and many other countries. But it doesn’t stop there. The World of Dave has a lot more content to offer from different foods and games, to interesting interviews and daily vlogs.


Youtube channel: SISSEL

Content: Korea tips, Modeling, Beauty

One of the popular careers choices in Korea for foreigners is modeling. If you got the looks and skills, and are looking to settle down in Korea, it might be the choice for you. Sissel is a model and Youtuber living in Seoul, and offers useful content for those who are interested in modeling and all around it. With beauty content like makeup tutorials, skincare routine, to fashion, Sissel shows her daily life in Seoul in her own stylish way.

4. Sisilessthan3

Youtube channel: Sisilessthan3

Content: Korea tips, Anecdotes, Dating

As one of my favorite channels, Sisilessthan3 targets mostly the young female Koreaboos who like spicy stories. You can get addicted to the way Isis talks, listening to her experiences in Korea from dating to everyday living. As a bonus that she also gives useful tips on skincare, language learning, and traveling.

5. ErnaLimdaugh

Youtube channel: ErnaLimdaugh

Content: Beauty, Fashion, Daily vlogs

Korean beauty products have always been quite popular, and Erna introduces the world of Korean beauty products from an eye of an expat. If you interested in Korean style, this is the channel for you. Erna has all of the Korean makeup style tutorials, Korean fashion advices, and so much more. You can also find some fun and challenges at that channel that is sure to make you smile.

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